Open-Minded Conversations

Generationally Speaking is the catalyst needed to bridge the gap between the Silent and Baby Boomer generations with Gen X, Y, Z and beyond. It is time for the generations to sit at the table to discuss life issues, no matter the age, and to hear the perspective of each generation as we each glean from each other. Everyone is invited to the table to share their journey of sadness and joy, trial and triumph, pain and healing, anger and peace, unforgiveness to forgiveness, and "I'm not there yet" all of these metaphysical emotions are felt no matter the age. At the table the dialogue is honest, raw, but it is in telling our truth we come to the place of wholeness through Christ Jesus.

Visit us on our YouTube Channel Generationally Speaking a 21st Century Bible Study. Show on on Wednesday nights at 9:30 pm at to hear rich conversation from others who have found their voice as they share their journey. Generationally Speaking is a nonjudgmental table.

Join us at the table and Be inspired, Be informed, and Be transformed through the renewing of your mind.


Our Guests

We welcome the Silent Generation to share their inspiring story of survival, the Millennials from Gen X, Y, and Z to share their dream, trials, storms and the Baby Boomers to hear and respond with encouragement, hope, and a loving push to success.

Join Our Conversations

Life has its peaks and valleys. Your story is unique to you and it is time to share the experience that has shaped your perspective. Find your voice to share your journey! Join us at the table by clicking on the email address and we will be in touch. Generationally Speaking a 21st Century Bible Study Talk Show.